Majenda is an integrated financial and tax services business.  We offer financial planning and implementation, insurance, accounting, tax and business services.

Majenda Financial Ptv Ltd ABN 64 165 148 587 is a Corporate Authorized Representative of the Australian dealer group Paragem Pty Ltd, ABN 16 108 571 875, AFSL 297276.  Majenda Financial provides financial, superannuation and insurance services.

Majenda Australia Pty Ltd ABN 13 103 444 033 is a CPA Practice and a Registered Tax Agent (728 17 015) and provides accounting, tax and business services.

Our firm specialises in provide tax and financial services to Australian expatriates and returned / retired expatriates.  We have clients in the following cities:

    • Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth as well as many country areas
    • Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Phuket
    • Middle East: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Doha
    • United States: New York City
    • UK

Our Value Proposition

Our key specialty is in assisting expatriates to manage their tax and financial affairs while overseas and then to assist them in the complex process of repatriating to Australia.

We are experts in international tax law and can advise clients on how to optimize their tax position.  When clients are repatriating to Australia, we advise on the myriad of issues they face include:

    • When will I become resident of Australia and what are the tax implications of becoming resident?
    • Should I top up my superannuation funds? If so, how and when?
    • When should I send funds back to Australia and will tax be payable on the repatriation of those funds.
    • How should I invest money that has been repatriated to Australia?

Key elements of our approach include:

    • Proactive: Rather than waiting to be asked to take action, we look for opportunities to improve a client’s personal situation.  For example we may recommend that a client tax advantage of the superannuation co-contribution scheme offered by the Government or a particular type of tax deduction.  Or we might recommend a new investment that has become available on one our investment platforms.  Our aim is to be one step ahead and to be looking for opportunities to improve our client’s financial position or protect them against risks.
    • Integrated services: We offer a rare combination of financial planning, superannuation, insurance and tax services, which means that our advisers can take a holistic approach when advising clients.  Using our understanding of our client’s tax position, we can recommend structures and investments that can optimise their future after tax income.
    • Value: Our objective is to ensure clients receive solid investment returns without taking undue risks.  We look for opportunities to minimise fees and costs.  The result of increasing investment returns and reducing costs is that the client’s investments grow at a faster rate than would otherwise have been the case.
    • Personalised service: Many companies say they have the “personal touch” but how many actually do?  Many of our clients regularly tell us that they trust our judgement and they really appreciate the personalised service they receive.  Because we are not a giant corporation, we know all our clients personally and are able to give them the personal touch.  We operate a family style business where every client is important to us.